Bagging and Palletising

Bagging and Palletising

INDPRO has entered into bagging and palletising through a strategic joint venture with PAYPER , Spain & formed a joint venture Payper Bagging India Pvt Ltd for manufacturing semiautomatic bagging machines and providing after sales service for automatic bagging machines and systems manufactured and supplied by PAYPER , Spain.

PAYPER was founded in Lleida (Catalonia) in 1973 as pioneers for automatic bagging machines and high accuracy weighers in Spain. Payper is a dynamic and flexible company with its core business, design and manufacture of weighing, bagging and palletising systems. Today, PAYPER is the largest Spanish manufacturer of bagging technology and a leading supplier within Europe. With nearly 100 highly skilled and dedicated professionals, we are organised to provide cost effective, highly efficient and durable solutions to our customers ever changing market trends.

PAYPER – INDPRO, specialise in bagging systems for bulk solids, powders and granules serving in particular the Chemical, Food, feed, Construction and Minerals industries. We develop and supply turn-key solutions for each application using a wide range of proven machines. We are very focused on the unique day to day needs of each customer.

PAYPER Range of Products

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Application Areas


Additives & Food

Cereals Feed & Pet Food

Fertilizers & Salt

Minerals & Building Materials

Chemical Products

Plastic Products

Recyled, Energy & Others

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