Bulk Handling Solutions

Powder Transfer System

Solution for Powder transfer involving small capacity & distances :
Typically there are few major situations during the transfer of powders viz. fugitive dust generation , spillage & over / under dispensing. This results in contamination of environment, material wastage & product quality deterioration respectively. Further depending on the dust type, explosion & toxicity related challenges can also be encountered. To mitigate the above situation INDPRO has a solution to offer in the form of Powder Transfer System (PTS).

Application :
- Reactor Charging
- Transfer to packing / bagging machine hopper from ground floor
- Convey to Blender / Mixer / Grinding machine from ground floor

PTS : Indpro make PTS system is an efficient ,reliable method of transferring and dispensing bulk powders ,granules. This system is a significant enhancement to any conventional , mechanical or pneumatic material conveying process and provides total dust free means of material transfer. Enhanced productivity with inbuilt safety and hygiene are highlights of this system. This systems facilitates, reduction in batch time & total process integration.

Powder Transfer System Components:
- Powder feed hopper / Powder suction tool.
- PTS vessel with automated valves & regeneration type filter
- Vacuum pump.
- Intermediate piping & fittings.
- Control Panel.

Salient Features:
- Advantage over conventional systems especially in the charging of different vessels.
- Compact design and modular construction.
- Use of TCN end connection wherever feasible for ease of assembly.
- Powder transfer and dispensing is by a clean and reliable method.
- Can be used to transfer materials with wide range of properties.
- Total Discharge without wastage.
- Absence of Oil or grease usage avoids material contamination.
- Dust free system due to operation on vacuum principle.
- Vessels under vacuum or pressure can be charged.

Operating capability:
- Transfer Capacity: Nominal Capacity 0.5 m3/hr to 6 m3/hr. - Transfer distances : 10 to 30 meters overall of which vertical distance Should not exceed 8 m

  Sr. No   Description   Sr. No   Description
  1   PTS vessel   8   Powder inlet valve
  2   Filter holding Plate   9   Powder discharge valve
  3   Vessel top cover   10   Clean air valve
  4   Filter element   11   Vacuum Pump inlet filter
  5   Powder inlet pipe.   12   Feed hopper / suction tool
  6   Clean air outlet pipe.   13   Vacuum pump.
  7   Compressed air purge valve    

Bag Dump Station


Bag dumping station enables dust free bag emptying operation. We offer bag dumping stations in custom made as well as standard catalogue designs. Whenever bulk powders are handled for transfer from bags to hoppers or downstream material conveying arrangements, dust generation takes place. This also results in product loss causing reduced profit. To address such bulk material discharge consequences, bag dump stations are provided. These are manual bag dumping stations to be installed for dust free, clean efficient and safe work areas. Centrifugal blower and pulse jet bag filter are provided to arrest spread of dust contamination.

Options and features:

- Centrifugal blower for dust extraction mounted integral with unit or mounted separately.
- Filter unit having cartridge type or non woven filter bags with support cage.
- Material of construction available in IS 2026 duly painted or S S 304.
- Motorised vibrators for quick emptying.
- Pneumatically opera rated hopper lid.
- Other specific site dependent solutions can be offered.

Tube Chain Conveyor

Salient Features:

- Gentle conveying renders minimal product attrition.
- Energy efficient operation.
- Tubular casing results in minimum residual material
- Leak proof casing contains dust, odour, and spillage....hence clean work place.
- Basic conveyors horizontal, vertical and inclined can be configured to achieve many layouts having minimal transfer points.
- Material can be discharged at multiple points directly (No air lock valves are required.)
- Very low noise level.
- Common components for many conveying segments, resulting in low inventory for maintenance.
- Nominal tube sizes start from 100 mm diameter and are up to 250mm.
- Chain speeds range: 5 meters/min to 25 meters/min.
- Theoretical conveying capacity range @100% efficiency:5 Cu M/Hr to 70 Cu M/Hr
- Power requirement range
- Material of construction for tubes and chain offered are : SS 304,SS 316 and high
- Tensile steels
- Long runs up to 40 meters horizontal distance and 25 meters vertical are feasible.
- Can be provided with CIP system.

Big Bag Unloading


Application: Indpro bulk bag discharges are designed to meet specific needs, for safe, dust free, quick and efficient unloading of bulk bag, widely known as flexible intermediate bulk containers. (FIBC)

Salient Features:

- Robust main frame fabricated out of square/rectangular tubes per IS4923
- Modular design can be custom configured to adapt to, different sizes, capacities of discharge hoppers, access platforms, and bag untying stations.
- Bag untying station with iris valve for intermittent bag discharge if required.
- Dedusting bag filter fan units.
- Electric hoists with control pendant.
- Discharge hopper, emptying choices of PTS, Screw conveyor, simple slide gate and rotary air lock valves etc.


- Big bag massagers.
- Hopper discharge aid: knockers.
- Field instruments & controls as per desired automation.