Business Areas

Food & Pharmaceuticals

Food Processing : Propelled by the increasing disposable income, the food sector has been witnessing a marked change in consumption pattern. Currently, India is the world’s second largest producer of food in the world and the food processing industry is the one of the largest industries in India. In terms of production, consumption, export and expected growth, India is ranked fifth in the world. India’s food industry is valued at US$ 180 billion of which the food processing industry is estimated at US$ 67 billion.

Indpro Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd. is holding about 25 per cent of market share in this sector by providing Pneumatic Conveying System for sugar, maida and flour conveying.

Pharma Sector : Pharma sector is growing at rapid pace, specifically in India its market increased at a CAGR above 17 percent in 2015 & is expected to grow at a CAGR of above 15 percent by 2020, making India among the top three markets. The reason for this growth is the lower production cost as compared to US & Europe. We provide solution to this sector in the area of pneumatic conveying of dry powders & filtration solutions during handling of various powders having normal, explosive and active nature.

Application Notes : Conventional pneumatic conveying systems are offered typically for capacity of 15 to 20 TPH & maximum conveying distance of 100 to 125m. For small capacities typically not exceeding 6 m3/hr & maximum conveying distance of typically 10 to 30m of which maximum vertical distance between 5 to 10 m we offer vacuum type powder transfer system (PTS). However the final choice is made on case to case basis. Depending upon the requirements, product contact parts are offered in various material of construction making the system economical. We have an in-house testing facility for conducting trials on various types of powders making the offered system reliable.

We offer filtration solution for various applications starting with the control of fugitive dusts during the handling of various powders & operation such as milling, mixing, dosing / weighing, granulation, sifting, palletizing/compressing, coating & packing, fluid bed process etc.

Some of the Major Clients in this Sector

  • ITC Limited

  • Godrej Hershey’s Limited

  • Britania Industries Limited

  • Cadbury India Limited

  • Haldiram Foods International Limited

  • Ipca Laboratories Limited

  • Cipla Limited

  • Lasons India Pvt. Ltd.

  • GEA Process Engineering Inc.