Grain Handling System

Grain Handling System

Grain Silo Loading Section: Grains will be unloaded in the feed hopper manually. Grating is provided in the feed hopper to avoid large size impurities. Suction hood is provided on the feed hopper to extract dust generated during grain unloading. The material will be conveyed by screw conveyor to bucket elevator, which discharges the grain into precleaner. The precleaner is for size separation and cleaning of grain. Cleaned grains are conveyed to storage silo through bucket elevator and chain conveyor. A dust extraction system comprising of bag filter, centrifugal fan, rotary valve is provided this section. Bag filter separates dust, and clean air is discharged in the atmosphere. Pulse jet type cleaning mechanism is incorporated in the bag filter, which ensures the bags are cleaned at specified time interval. Grain silo capacity is arrived at based on no. of days storage.

Grain Cleaning & Milling Section : The chain conveyor (at discharge of grain silos) feeds the material to bucket elevator which in turn feeds the material to the flow balancer. The flow balancer feeds classifiers. The classifiers are provided for size separation and cleaning of grain with the help of vibrations produced by 2 nos. of vibromotors. Classifiers are provided with 2-deck system and coarse discharge for oversize material, fines discharge for undersize material and product discharge for good product. Aspiration system is provided for all the classifiers. The product is passed on to Destoner, it separates stones present in the grain this results in safeguarding the process / downstream equipments. The vibrations produced by two numbers of vibromotors effect stone separation. Each destoner is provided with separate aspiration system. A magnet is provided after destoners to entrap ferrous particles. Material is then fed to bucket elevator. Bucket elevator feeds grain to the hammer mills. Dedusting points are provided at bucket elevator, flow balancer and hopper above mill. A dust extraction system is provided for this section. Screw conveyor provided at discharge of mills feed flour to turbo sifter, it is provided for size separation of flour. The oversize particles are recycled & the good product is conveyed to bucket elevator. Bucket elevator feeds flour to flour silos.

Flour Handling Section : Silo discharge aid provided fluidizes material by vibration. Here on product is transported to weigh scale which controls & totalises.

Grain Handling System Can Be Done Through Pneumatic Handling system & Mechanical Handling System

Pneumatic Handling system

Backed by the sophisticated manufacturing unit we are able to offer highly efficacious pneumatic conveying system. Latest technology in our conveying system ensures these can be integrated in various environments and we also offer customized conveying system as per the client requirement.

Some of the salient features of our pneumatic conveying system comprises of the following:

- High performance
- Corrosion resistance
- Durability
- Consumes less floor space
- CE Marked Components and entire System

Mechanical Handling System

Our Mechanical handling system are widely used for carrying heavy loads. Our Mechanical handling system are designed and manufactured in our sophisticated manufacturing unit

Our Mechanical handling systems range is available in various shapes and sizes, and comprises of the following :

- Belt Conveyors
- Bucket Elevators/ Chain Conveyor
- Apron Conveyors
- Screw Conveyors
- Gravity & Powerized Conveyor
- Roller Conveyors

Our bulk Mechanical handling system has following salient features :

- Durable
- High performance
- Heavy load capacity
- CE Marked Components and entire System