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Project Engineering

Indpro team of Project engineers are responsible for overseeing the various stages of development for a variety of products and projects. It is their responsibility to make sure that the various parts are progressing, and that the project works as a whole. Project engineers are generally involved at every level of development—from concept to production and everything in between. This often requires them to know about a broad range of subjects, from economics to materials. Monitoring Limits of project Engineering include:

Conceptual Designs:

- Flow diagrams
- P & I diagrams
- Engineering specifications for bought outs
- Utility requirement

Preliminary Engineering:

- Conceptual layouts
- Plot plans
- Equipment layouts
- Client data analysis
- Co-ordinator between client and other departments

Detail Engineering:

- Providing project schedule to design department
- Reviewing of equipment layout and engineering drawings on the basis of data obtained from client.
- Reviewing data sheets for all bought out items released by engineering department, as per client needs.