Bag Dump Station
with Dust Collection System

Bag Dump Station
with Inbuilt Dedusting System

Belt Conveyor based System
with Dust Collection System

Bin Activator Assembly

Blow through type Rotary Valve

Brewery Plant in Erection Stage


Cyclone Separator & Centrifugal Fan


Destoner with Aspiration 1

Dust Collection System

Fall through type rotary valve venting system

Flat bottom silo with loading system
comprising of bucket elevator & chain
conveyor in erection stage

Grain Cleaning System

Grain Storage Plant

Load cell based weighing system
with bin activator and epo slide gate valve

Mechanical based Cleaning
& Flour Handling System

Mechanical silo feeding System,
includes Bag Dump Station, inclined chain
Conveyor & Bucket Elevator

Pneumatic Silo Feeding System


Roots Blower

Roots Blower with Prefilter

Rotary Air Lock Valve

Rotary Air Lock Valve in
Pneumatic Conveying Application with
Manual Isolator Valve

Rotary Feeder

Rotary Feeder in Inspection Stage 1

Rotary valve blow through type

Rotary valve fall through type

Rotary Feeder with Chain Conveyor System

Screw Conveyor During Inspection Stage

Screw Conveyor in Manufacturing Stage

Simplified Pneumatic Silo Feeding System

Tubular Screw Conveyor


Ventury Injector

Ventury Injector

Wear Resistant Bend

Wear Resistant Bends